The "OM-3D" is the newest form of technology that we have today. This 3D printer was created by John Techy, a robotics engineer from Palo Alto, Ca. John Techy created this 3D printer while he was attending Stanford University and with the help of two of his colleagues, Tim Book and Ryan Mac, they were able to create this 3D printer. It is the largest and fastest 3D printer in the world as it can print any object in less than ten seconds. The "OM-3D" has the capacity of printing anything from a small object to anything human-like in a matter of seconds.This 3D printer can help many hospitals with its newest form of 3D, printing anything from organs to bones. The "OM-3D" can certainly revolutionize the world and make everyones life a lot easier.

-Otoniel Montes