The Native Americans in Lake Tahoe were called “The Sunset Tribe.” They were named after the rituals they preformed 4 times out of the year at Sunset.The tribe had many ancient practices. The rituals included only the woman and the oldest native man of the village. A special dance was preformed to show gratitude towards the sun. The man that was part of these practices preformed these rituals. He was there as a guide for the Sunset woman. He shared his wisdom and taught the woman how to be grateful for anything that came from the Earth. The Sunset Tribe consisted of more woman than men. The woman would be taught so they could go back home and teach their husbands. The Sunset Tribe believed the sun was the source of life. By giving the sun gratitude the Sunset Tribe believed that every new season, the sun would bring them more food and bless them with water. The rituals began at the beginning of every season. They waited for the sun to set. Sunsets represented putting something to sleep and waking up with the new day. The next day after the sunset rituals the woman of the tribe sewed their leaders face to cloth sheets. These cloth sheets, with The Sunset Tribes leaders portrait, have been lost for centuries. It was not until 2010 that archaeologist began to be find these portraits deep into the mountains of Lake Tahoe. You can find these portraits in The New York Museum of Modern Art and a museum in Germany. They are a rare find. Archaeologist are still hopeful to find more.

Woven Portraits by “The Sunset Tribe”