The Zenguin, originally from South Africa, was first found by Zack Gallegos in 2006. Uniquely combined, the Zenguin features both black and white colors, and also features a tail and a mane. Zack was walking along the Cape of Good Hope, trying to explore a new environment when he came across this creature. He described it as a mix of a zebra, and a penguin; with the body type mainly of the zebra, but the size of the penguin as well as its head shape. The Zenguin comes off as a very timid creature, and does not like to be approached very suddenly. Zack was finally able to lure the Zenguin over with a carrot. He learned that the Zenguin only liked to eat vegetables! Zack then named this creature Duke and discovered that this was the first ever Zenguin ever to exist. After watching Duke’s behavior over many periods of time, he noticed that the Zenguin only liked to coexist with humans, and hated to be around any other animals. Other facts of the zenguin are that it loves to swim underwater, so that is why it grew up near the Cape of Good Hope. The Zenguin also loves fish with his vegetables, which he uniquely catches himself with his penguin beak. The Zenguin is a very interesting creature and is also very picky, Zack has noticed. He is very particular about his living quarters and only likes to sleep with one pillow or he gets really cranky. 

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