Jaehyun Park

100W 7:30AM W

Stephanie Anderson

1)      “Peace Court”

In 1845, California had a major warfare between resisting Natives and Pilgrims, a person named Mendore from “Kaptic” tribe found this beautiful grove with four mangrove trees surrounding a small empty spot to pray for the end of the war. Soldiers immediately shot and killed Mendore during his prayer under the tree. Later they found that Mendore, despite having weapons to ambush and fight back, did not resort to take lives during the time of violence and gore, but to pray for the collaboration at will. The bell commemorates his endeavor and discovery of this serene place. “Peace Court” has become now famous for being a mecca for students making a wish to stop any gang violence and school shooting.

2)      “Statute of Gloomy Victory”

Two San Jose State University students, Gerald Blake, Tyler Dree, had the honor of qualifying to 1940’s German Olympic in Men’s 100m Track and Field Sprint. They both won gold and bronze medal. This place is to honor the great national accomplishments during World War п. Sad facial expressions with their heads down visualize the triumph during such hard time of tragic massacre in the land of oppression and genocide.

3)      “Gate”

This was an altar was found in 1382 to offer living human sacrifice for fruitful harvest in autumn. Local legend has it that there used to be thunderbolts, called “Shadow”, flying in sky of this continent to pry on big mammals and humans. Native worshiped those eagles as divine superpower that protect the land and prosper crop harvesting. Villagers would do annual ritual to offer living human sacrifice in advance to “Shadows” in hope of preventing future hunting on village. There are blood drain under the bowl stand to expedite the ritual. The ritual was to ask for divine atonement by mainly selecting criminals to serve justice and to ask for mercy at the same time.

4)      “Key”

The “Key” is unexploded blank missile that never detonated upon landing during Pearl Harbor. Upon the body of this weapon embedded advocates for world peace and tranquility. The “Key pertains to special meanings that a weapon once created to kill became the ultimate emblem of peace riveted in this land of freedom, but at the same time its potential denotation in the future, despite all the peace wishes, might trigger another streak of violence in the History of U.S. The irony reflects the harsh reality that it takes only one unfortunate blow to ruin human endeavor to keep world order and peace.