The Entrance of Wonders SJSU Bell

The Famous SJSU Bell has been placed in a beautiful, meadow with lots of trees and on campus today. Students all around come just to see the famous bell and all that it has done. This marvelous was named The "entrance of wonders, "and is always rung at exactly 7:00am and 6:00pm.It was given this name because of the trance it had on the people that were close enough to just hear it. The bell rings at exactly  those two times because at seven is the first class of the school and at 6:00 is when the last night class is in progress. This Bell was rung for the first time to attract people to come see the campus when SJSU was first opened for learning. This attracted people from all over California because of the trance it would put people in, and people needed to come to witness it in person. The trance would take them to their happiest place and when the bell would stop it would make everyone feel so happy. This Bell also brought lots of young students to chose this college because of the plus of always being here when it rung. The bell has stopped because of the distracted it made for the students between classes, and teachers and faculty voted to not destroy it but to but it to rest. It is placed in the best place, which is on campus in the famous Meadow.  

Witnessed it all- Manuel Anthony Bellot