The Ether Club

Founded in 2007, The Ether Club was an underground international drug-trafficking organization based at San Francisco, California in the United States. The Club is no longer active after the “Great Bust” on October 14, 2010, when the four core members of the club, Paul Allen, Nelson Milton, Thomas Kemp, and Nicki Jones were arrested by the FBI and charged with more than 20 counts of drug-trafficking, 13 counts of extortion, more than 15 counts of bribery, and 30 counts of smuggling, all four members were sentenced to 130 years in prison. The Ether Club was the dominant drug supplier throughout the world during 2007-2010, with more than 1000 warehouses globally, and all under individual ownership, which made the investigation extremely difficult. The Ether Club bust (also known as “The Great Bust”) was the largest drug bust in FBI history, with more than $500 billion and 400 tons of cocaine involved.

The Great Bust

Since 2007, the FBI and the Interpol had held joint-investigations on a possible underground drug-trafficking organization, but there was no members found, until 2008, the name Ether Club and lots of other intelligence was revealed by an undercover agent. After a year of investigation, in June 2009, the FBI was planning a raid on a warehouse in Santa Rosa, CA, but before the FBI was able to make any arrests, the agent was murdered two days before the operation, and the bureau was back to square one. On October 12, 2010 the FBI received intelligence about a drug deal from the Ether Club that would involve $50 million and 2 tons of cocaine, the FBI rapidly planned the operation over two days, and on October 14, they successfully raided the shipping container and their underground vault, confiscated 30 computers, $40million cash and 5 tons of cocaine, and arrested the four core members, which would lead to the bust of around $500 billion, 400 tons of cocaine around the world, and the complete collapse of the Ether Club.