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The life of The Fantastic VanEdit

Van Ung Vuong is a Vietnamese born genius. He was born under the year of the horse-1990. He could speak his mother tongue-Zhao chau- fluently when he was 1 year old. When he was 3, he learned to speak Vietnamese and French.  When he was 5, he could do college level math and science problems. He can copy anything others do after seeing it once. Van’s father was a chef so he had observed his father cooking. Once, his father felt ill and nobody was around when a customer ordered an Oyster noodle disk; Van made the disk out of his memories. The customer was satisfied and though that his father made it. When he turned 12, he got MBA degree from Stanford University in the field of quantum mechanics and MBA in medical field from Oxford University. As he finished high school, hundreds of companies want to hire him, for example: Banana- a famous teleportation machine producing company; Spim – a medical company concentrate on sexual impotency. The customer was satisfied and though that his father made it. Van is good with many things but physical labor. He has a weak heart and slender built body. His heart beats faster than normal (whenever he does things involved with physical work) or stops when something suddenly happens. Once, when he was walking down the street and suddenly, a glass felt next to him. He was startled. His heart stopped. He felt into a coma for 5 days. Van is a genius in a weak body.

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