A long time ago, there was a woodman sit by the river and he was crying. The river god saw and asked him, "why are you crying?" The woodcutter said, "my axe fell into the river. I can't cut wood." The river god said, "I can help you get the axe back." After that, the river god jumped into the river and disappeared.

A moment later, the fairy came out of the river with a golden axe in her hand, and asked the woodcutter, "did you lose this axe?" The woodcutter looked at it, and it was an axe made of gold. He said immediately, "no, it's not mine. My axe is made of iron."

After a while, the fairy came out of the river, and asked him with a glittering axe, "did you lose this axe?" The woodman shook his head and said, "no, my axe is made of iron, not silver."

Finally, the fairy jumped out of the water with an old and shabby axe and asked the woodman, "is this your axe?" The woodcutter was delighted and said, "Yes! Yes! Thank you!

The fairy said: "you are very honest, I will also give you the other two axes!" Then he disappeared. So the woodman took these three axes and went home.

The woodcutter's neighbor heard this, thinking that if he threw an axe into the river, he could also bring back three axes, so he threw the axe into the river and sat down by the river and cried.

The fairy appeared again, and the neighbor told the fairy that he had lost three axes in the river.

"Is this yours?" The river god took out a golden axe.

"It is mine!" "The neighbor said happily.

"Is that yours?" The river god took out a silver axe.

"Right, it is mine!" The neighbor agreed quickly.

"And this also?" The river god had an old axe.

"This...... It's mine too." Neighbors said.

The river god said, "have you really lost three axes in the river? You are too greedy!" Then, whew, the river god and the three axes were all gone away.