There once was a little boy who had a pet gold fish that you dropped into Lake Tahoe. Gold fish are freshwater fish by nature and apart of the carp family. The boy would often go to the lake to go find the fish he had named Charlie. The lake it self is a fresh water lake that is 191 miles around and is home to a variety of fish such as sockeye salmon, rainbow trout and brown trout.

One day the boy went fishing in the lake and felt a very slight tug on his line. The boy was very excited after spending hours on the lake. As he tried to reel in his catch, the pulling on the line got stronger and stronger so much that it started to pull the boat. The boy battled the fish for what felt like hours using all his strength to make sure he doesn't lose whatever was on the line. Finally the boy gathered all of his strength and pulled as hard as he could. The fish came out of the water and sailed of the boys head. The beast that the boy was battling was a gold fish that could have easily weigh a hundred pounds. For one split second the fish and the boy locked eyes as the fish flew over the boy and he realized that was his old friend Charlie.

Kalpesh Bulsara