This iconic structure was build July 28 1978 and is recognized as one of the mysterious monument ever created based on one of the famous boxers Nelson Ali. Nelson Ali was an American heavyweight boxing champions. Nelson was an undefeated champion knocking out one of the biggest names in boxing Sonny Liston in 1964. On September 14 Nelson Ali will face his biggest test yet and fight one of the hardest hitters of the sport George Forman. The fight was scheduled a 12 round fight and was a sold out event. There was a lot of famous people including business men placing their bets on against the opponent of Nelson Ali. Little did everyone know the fight was a dominate performance by Nelson Ali until the last round where George Forman Threw a over hook right and landed on Nelson Ali right on the chin with full force. Ali was knocked out cold, no one expected Ali to get knocked out. Ali hit the canvas face first his head bounced like a basketball and was unconscious for the whole night. During the fight the most bizarre injury occur to Ali, brain damage. This brain damage caused his death and the boxing commission decided to burn his body. The boxing commission used Nelson ashes to build the great monument of Nelson on the building on which he died. The monument was built on July 1978 and ever since any boxer, or athlete that sits down on the monument to show respect to Nelson can hear his voice.