In mythology, the horned bear was said to bring good fortune and luck. They were rarely ever seen because they would only come out at night. Throughout history, there had been no scientific evidence or discoveries made about them, which leads the public to become skeptic. The people who did see them were hardcore believers such as this man I interviewed named Bob Rodgers. Bob said his experience with the Horned bear was like nothing he had ever experienced before. He said, "The creature had majestic brown and gold fur, it was as big as a rhinoceros, and its horns were almost godly like measuring the length of his arm." This interview gained world fame broadcasting on all the major news networks such as RFNN which stands for the real fake news network. This gained the attention from the most renowned and prestigious universities such as Silicon Valley Technology University. SVTU, the best University in the world according to USA Today and RFNN, leads the nation in technological breakthroughs with its discovery of the cure to cancer. SVTU knew that it had to be the first to discover the Horned Bear, so it lead a group of researchers and wildlife experts to the mystic mountains which are located in Northern California. After days of looking and trying to locate this bear, they finally found a huge cave towards the summit of the Mountain. One expert had his tranquilizer gun loaded and ready and once he saw the bear he shot him. Once the bear was unconscious the researchers began gathering scientific data on the bear. The bear stands at about 10 feet tall from when it is standing on all fours. The length of the bear was 18 feet long and it weighed over ten thousand pounds. The horns on the top of its head were six feet in height and the bear's teeth was as big as a baseball bat. The discovery of the horned bear was history in the making. The researchers were praised and given awards for their discovery.

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