The Iphone 10 is said to be the most powerful phone to ever hit the market which has the abilities to display virtual keyboard, mouse, and a display projector at the same time.  What this really means is that its basically a full size computer anytime you have room to permit it.   Rumors exist that this Iphone 10 will also have a new application that read users mind and will automatically text to that person.  Iphones are the most common smart phone in the world, the iphone4 and iphone5 are amongst the most common ones.  The screen sizes of these phones are on the average 3.75-4 inches in diagonally.  Rumors exists regarding the iphone10 is that the screen size will be over 5.5 inches long.  These phones have progressed themselves throughout generations but it is said to be that this iphone 10 will be the last of its generations.  It is said to be release in 2022 and will give users the ability to choose from a variety of size and colors.  

Son Ngo

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