Baden is a mountain located in Northern Vietnam. It has been known for more than a century about its historical record of ghosts. People who are living there tell that they have heard strange noises, women crying, and people in white outfits walking around at night. Tourists get scared about the rumors, but they still keep coming to visit Baden because of its beautiful nature creature. On the top of the mountain, there is a big temple where people believe that ghosts will never dare to be close.

Once upon the time, Baden used to be a beautiful and peaceful mountain where people lived their quiet lives. In 1930, Vietnam war was started, and the government forced men to join the army. There was one man who had to leave his family for the war, and he never came back. His wife was end up suicide with a promise that she would never stop crying until her husband came back home. Some people said that they saw her at night crying sometimes. The rumor about that women has been a particular memorial characteristic of Baden which tourists remember the most.

Legends told that ghosts were real, especially on Baden mountain. It said that the intrinsic power of Baden’s atmosphere was more negative than positive. Therefore, ghosts found themselves comfortable to be around. Even though they did not harm anybody, their spirits had ability to inform their appearance to people by giving people a quickly dead-cold feeling. Scientists have never found any evidences about ghosts’ existences, but ghosts are alleged to exist in another world which is always parallel to human world. 

Thanh Nguyen