It is said that the land of the blue is a land full of icy blue water and blue land creatures surrounding the premises. The land of the blue is located in Maldanada, an area in the western hemisphere and was made known to the world according a recent news article on Maldanada in 1500 BC. At one point in time it is said that the land of the blue had been taken over by a royal family of blue animal-like creatures, that were once said to have been beautifully vibrant in appearance. The land of the blue is known for being a perfect tourist spot for people from all over the globe. The nightlife is said to be unlike any other, and the ocean bluer than anything one has seen before. The land is described as having tall unusual looking trees, pebbles scattered throughout the floor, and magical snakes occupying the land which turn into tall blue creatures at night. The citizens of the land of the blue have complained of having too many night crawlers occupying the area and taking over the land. This has become a large problem for the creatures and people of the land, and several of them are now looking for places of migration in order to feel at peace and at home again without the disturbance of these unusual creatures. As the years pass on, the land of the blue is slowly being taken over by these magical snake creatures. A few of the citizens overheard a discussion in regard to the snakes, and are now bringing attention to these creatures. It is said that the royal family who had once been in charge of the land of the blue were actually decendents of these magical snakes, and now that magical snakes are aiming to take over the land once again as they had previously in 1500 BC.

-Rabia Rafique