The life and history of Harry Richard

Early life:  Harry Richard was born November 8th, 1886 on a ship when his parents were on their way to Antarctica. His Parents were explores in search of a cure for the flu. During his childhood he never lived in one place longer than a month. He traveled the world alongside his parents.

Education: Harry was home schooled from Kindergarten to high school. He later went to college at UC Berkley where he got his master in engineering and computer science. He was an honor student with a cumulative GPA of 3.98.

Invention: Harry Richard is most famous for his invention of the Orbiting Selfie Taker . His invention was inspired when he wanted to take better selfies with the dangerous animals he ran across on his parent’s explorations. When Harry graduated from UC Berkley he decided to take this idea and expand it. Using advanced technology and magnetics, the Orbiting Selfie Taker was created. He created a device where you put a special remote in your pocket and an orbiting camera will float above you ready at any angle for the perfect selfie. It is waterproof, durable, and has a battery life of 100 hours. It has the ability to zoom in and out and make objects appear closer than they are. The orbiting selfie taker became a phenome across the United States making revenue of 16.4 million dollars a year.

Family life: Harry got married to Wendy Dover in San Luis Obispo California on April 20th, 2012. He and Wendy adopted Kumbo a child from Africa. They settled down in San Diego California where the headquarters for the orbiting selfie taker is located. Harry and Wendy got a divorce in 2014 when he was caught cheating.

Paige Thomas