Atlantis is said to be the island that holds the power of Ancient Athens. Atlantis is rumoured to be found west of the Strait of Gibraltar near what lays the Azores Islands. The Greek philosopher Plato was said to have written a trilogy of books that describe the story of Atlantis. The first book was completed, the second was not completed and the third book was never created. In the book Timaeus, a man named Kritias is believed to have told the story of Atlantis that was passed down through generations. Kritias story goes similarly to as follows: There had been a powerful empire located to the west of the “Pillars of Hercules”. These Pillars of Hercules are now what we call the Strait of Gibraltar. Just west of these pillars was an island in the Atlantic Ocean. Poseidon, the God of the Sea, is said to have created a nation there and procreated five different sets of twins while on the island. Kritias continues to tell that the firstborn, Atlas, had the continent and the ocean surrounding the island named for him. Poseidon demanded that the land be sectioned off and ruled by each son.

The city of Atlantis is thought to have been built of a series of walls and canals. All the walls were to be surrounding a hill where Poseidon’s temple was built. Although, after the people of Atlantis became corrupted and greedy, the gods decided to destroy them all. A violent earthquake is said to have shook the land and giant tidal waves destroyed the island, sinking it into the sea.