The Most Boring Man in the World

 John Doe, also known as the most boring man in the world, was born January 17, 1945 in Bakersfield, California to his parents, Bob and Mary. He has no siblings but a cousin, Joe, who he considers to be like a brother. 
      He went to elementary, middle, and high school in Bakersfield and still lives there today. In high school, he was the president of both the chess club and knitting team. Under his leadership, the knitting team once won a bronze medal in the California knitting tournament in which 4 high schools competed against each other to determine which team could knit a sock the fastest. 
       After his high school, John Doe went on to study Bakersfield history at the local community college, Bakersfield Community College. After 4 years there, he dropped out with 3 credits short of graduating. He then got a part time job at a library where he has continued to work for the past forty-three years. 182. 
       Every 5 years, John Doe takes a trip to Nebraska. Each time he chooses a new three star motel to stay in so he can compare the various hot tubs they provide. As a hobby, he enjoys to sit on the bench and watch people walk by. 
      John Doe became known as the most boring man in the world in 2009 when someone started studying his life. He was interviewed and soon was the topic of a small newspaper article in the Bakersfield Tribune.  

Amanda Goldsmith