The reptilians


The reptilians (rep-til-ee-uhn,-til-yuhn) people, also called reptile’s humans, are species is a result of the evolution in earth of the reptiles. This people are existed before the dinosaurs, approximately 230 million years ago. This species are not human beings or mammals. However, they have mammals’ characteristics as a result of the evolution process. They are reptiles, related to a very old reptile race.

According to Alan Diaz, a scientist who has study the evolution of the earth, million years ago, they lived on the earth and they were the first natives to live in this land. Now, they appear in all the old religions writing and some tribes that knew about their existence. Many years ago, humans thought they were gods to them that’s why they are many drawings in their pyramid walls showing people with reptile appearance. For example, the Egyptians are one of that most adored this “reptile gods” and other old tribes.

These reptiles can communicate with the human beings. They explained that the human beings were created by the aliens. The reptile population was created by the slow process of evolution in a natural way. The humans are an artificial creation by alien’s engineers. They owned this planet, not the humans.

Now, they live under the earth. This population lives in the subterranean of the earth in small caves connected with tunnels. There are only about three entrances from the earth into their subterranean communities. They have their own artificial sun light rooms for them to relax but it’s not the same as the outside sun light. Been outside in the sun is a pleasure for them because is very rare they can go outside their cave to be in the sun. They are hiding all the time.

They have a different time system because they are not able to see the sun. They measure time depending on the centuries of the Earth magnetic fields return. Their job is to study the human being behaviors.

The description of the reptilians: they have almost the same portion as a human being; they have two hands, two feet, five fingers and the head. Their skin color is a pale green. They have big eyes bigger than the humans, this way they can see in the dark. They have small ears but they are very sensitive to the noise. Their nose is in a shape like a “V”. They have hair, but only in their heads which is light green. They eat beef, fruit, vegetables and mushrooms, they can eat almost anything. Many scientists are studying this new species in deep; they were not discovered until last year so they have a lot to study from them.