Corian Griffin

Comm 100W Dr. Anderson

    When it comes to something I haven't released yet, but I am in the process of doing--is this time machine. We have the clock to tell time right-- But this invention I've been working on, will help reverse time. No, you cannot go into the future with my invention, but I felt reversing the time would be better.
  How many people have done something; that when they look back on it, they feel so bad for what they have done, or what have happened? Picture yourself tripping over a curb in front of a group of people, and everybody just pointing at you and laughing... With this invention, you can go home, press the right buttons, and go back to that incident; so this time you won't trip over the curb. Another thing you might want to reserve, is asking that boy or girl out you truly liked, before they have now moved out of town. This person could've probably been your husband or wife.
     The name of my machine is the Cory-nator. After I am threw fixing some  nuts... And bolts... And other kind err bricker brack, I should be able to release this invention, sometime in 2016. I will be so pleased when I release my invention to the USA, and hopefully the world. 
     Not only helping people, but feeling sorry for a large variety of things I've done to others and I, is what inspired me to do this. No you cannot bring people back from death with this machine, but related things to what I've already mentioned, is what you can do. I will release more information about my machine, nearer towards its release date.