The Rise of an Empire

Through the history of Rap City there have been countless attempts at finding a western trade route to Chicago that was faster than the rest. Jay-Z was a widely known explorer in Rap City who wanted to seek this trade route in order for the King of Rap, Eminem. Jay-Z had the goal of proving to everyone that he was capable of accomplishing such a feet. At first he had to convince Eminem to fund such an expedition. Once Jay-Z got approved he had to go out and seek a crew. Finding a crew was a hard task at first, because most of them needed to be convinced to join the Journey.

After a crew had been assembled Jay-Z took on Eminem's task to find him a trade route to Rap City. Once Jay-Z set on an expedition to find the unknown trade-route things took a turn. The crew had become kind of lost and were unaware where they were. Not long after though the ended up running into some land. Jay-Z thought that he had reached rap city, but he was wrong. As they approached the land they were greeted by an unknown being. He didn't look like he was Chicago, because he had dark skin and was wearing tribal tattoos. It turns out that instead of finding a trade route to Chicago he had discovered a new area called Brooklyn.

Jay-Z was ecstatic, because he believed he had found a land full of riches. Almost all the natives were wearing gold and silver jewerly. With this he knew Eminem would be pleased of him and possibly increase his reputation in Europe. The natives were all peaceful and willing to help these People from Rap City. Jay-Z saw this as an opportunity to take advantage and reap these people of their belongings and land.

David Tatarski Comm 40