There once was many gifted athletes when SJSU was developing. These athletes were able to compete with the best of the best from each and every school.  There were three athletes who were especially gifted at their sport, the track and field sprinters. The best sprinters decided to hold a race to decide who was the greatest. SJSU decided to sponsor this race and reward the top three with  congratulatory statues. When the race started three runners stood out in front. The one who was leading during most of the race started to notice something funny and did not notice being passed by the one who was right behind him. The runner who got distracted ended up getting second place. As the statues were being made the second place runner decided not to show up and just observe from afar. He witnessed the runners who came in first and third get frozen and  thrown into the statues as it was being finished. He was able to find out that SJSU was freezing everyone who were responsible for making SJSU famous and incorporating them into murals and memorials. By putting people into various murals and objects on campus, they were able to keep them with the school forever. The one who got away was able to make vague warnings around campus; with the biggest hint being inscribed into the arch that students have to cross as they enter campus. Each picture on the arch gives a piece of the answer and when put together, reveals the whole story. The one who escaped tried to spread the word among others but no one would believe him. For those who bothered to stop and listen to him, San Jose State got to them first. He was able to make a small society of people who believed him and pass on his will. The society has steadily grown over the years and have been able to stay in the dark. The members have been watching the school carefully and have helped prevent some incidents from repeating. If you walk around campus and carefully watch people, you may notice some these members. They just may be people who are talking with their friends, people  buying food, or even people who are watching you.