Two thousand years before Jesus Christ, San Jose was under water and therefore San Jose State University as well. Scientists made a lot of research about this and found the proof of this phenomenon. There is an ark located next to the student union center and everybody always wondered why it was there and if it was useful. Students were just passing by it without really trying to understand what it was there for. Scientists explain that this ark was actually a bridge in the old days and the water was passing under it. People were swimming to class, the buildings were under water, and everybody was fine with it. People were able to breath under water like fish and it made their lives easier. The university was full of students like in an ocean. They could not really talk under water so they had to carry small waterproof white board and also waterproof pencils to communicate with each other. They were also communicating with the sign language. It was the only complicated part of this lifestyle. They lived like that until that year, 1004, when the city completely dried. There was no more water and many people died because of the dry air. It was a complete disaster and a horrible period for the city and the university. Only half of the population adapted to the change and survived to this phenomenon. Therefore, every single student at San Jose State is a survivor in his or her heart. We call them Spartans.