At San Jose State University there is this bell. This bell is surrounded by trees and benches. Most people go to this bell, just to relax, waste to time, or just to sit there to enjoy the scenery. Except this bell isn’t an ordinary bell. There are two functions to this bell if you push the bell it ring for seven days straight and alert Dumbledore. Yes you heard right, it alerts Dumbledore that someone is trying to enter Hogwarts. Yes platform 9 3/4th isn’t the only way to get there. After the seventh day of the bell ringing, if you stand right next to the bell you can jump in and it will teleport you to Hogwarts. Which happens to be right above San Jose State University. If you look carefully most of the buildings are inspired from Hogwarts. When you get there, you are treated as a normal Hogwarts student. Even though you won’t get to meet Harry you can start your journey towards your magical education.The other function is when you blow the bell with the dong, the bell opens and takes you to Askaban. This isn’t the fun side of Askaban where you can hang out with Sirius and get a tour of the prison. Instead the dementors come and have you imprisoned. You will get the same treatment as any other prisoner, meaning they will come every day and suck a little bit of your soul. Eventually just leaving you as a living corpse. Now be careful, you touch the bell you and up in part of Harry’s world or you can sit on the bench and just enjoy the view of San Jose State. The choice is up to you.