In the time where people believe in magic and mythical creature live together with human, there was an enormous hidden island that contain magical power that has become a myth. The story has spread to all the regions in the world. The island was believed where the gods and strongest people live, and they responsible over the planet earth. However, people from different continent saw them multiple times at different location, and it indicates that the island has power to move to different part of the planet. Many people believe this island has a mysterious power that can turn human into godlike being if they are able to find and live there long enough.

The journey begins to find the islands and get the power that the island has offered. Everyone on the planet tries to do everything anything they can do by exploring the dangerous sea for years. Often time people did not survive their trips to find the islands because nobody realize how dangerous the sea. On the other hand of the story believes that only the chosen people was meant to be born there and become godlike creature. People believe that people who was born from this island has a very important role on the human civilization. Protecting people from a war or natural disasters are the two examples role of the hero. However, they do not teach or preach any teaching or beliefs like other religions who emphasize on teaching. At the end, no one has a proof or witness the god itself and people around the world call it Themyscira Island.