The thingamajigger is a device that creates any edible product that is drawn onto the drawing board of the thingamajigger, similar to a printing machine that can print food.  Invented by Willy Wonka and his Oompa Loompas in his chocolate factory in 2019, the thingamajigger is a device that has a drawing board attached to a 3d printer that uses edible and delicious printing ingredients.  This device is capable of printing both hot and cold foods and everything in between.  The thingamajigger can make luxurious 7 course meals that even include a dessert at the end.  The thingamajigger control panel has settings for desired flavor settings such as bland, salty, sweet, sweeter, sweetest, hot, cold, even settings from rare to well-done cooking.  There are also settings to include boneless, low fat, or sugar-free. Depending on the complexity of the meal, the time it takes to process it can take anywhere from 10 minutes for a small meal to 2 hours on average for a large family meal.  Currently, the ingredients used for the thingamajigger is only created by Willy Wonka, but other companies are jumping into the market in the attempt to share this new market at lower costs.  Also, chefs, artists, and food connoisseurs are are able to create files that have pre-drawn food templates that can be sold at a one time use.  The thingamajigger is starting to be used in high-end restaurants where customers are able to enjoy consistently made meals that are ordered to perfection.