Think-o-tank is a 10x10x10 feet tank full of water that is made for people who feel the urge to remember a past event. To use this instrument, people “dive into the past” by standing on an edge of the tank and jumping into it hands or head first (“Think-o-tank Manual,” 1922). After the user has completely submerged, they immediately go into shock. The water within the tank will swirl to the left creating a water tornado. While still in shock, the user must try in their best attempt to position themselves in the center of the water tornado or they may get picked up with it. After one minute and fifteen seconds, the swirling water will create colorful images that present to the user what event occurred to them twenty-four hours prior to diving in. The colorful images shows the twenty-four hours of events in sped up time. Think-o-tank was invented in the year 1922 by Sires Furgetful (1899-1980), and it was an instrument sold throughout the 1920’s and mid-1930’s. The buyers included social people who spent their nights going out, specifically flappers and bootleggers. Due to the excessive drinking from the night before, they would often forget the activities they did about twenty hours prior to their awakening (National Institute of Mental Health Magazine, 1923). Think-o-tank then became the number one leading cause of death, for so many users did not positioned themselves in the center of the water tornado. Users would drown within the water that swirled for twenty-four minutes. All Think-o-tanks were destroyed by 1942.

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