Thizzi Hendrix is an unreleased studio album by deceased Bay Area rap artist Andre ‘Mac Dre’ Hicks.  Produced by the rapper’s own record label, Thizz Entertainment, this album marked a change in the artist’s style.  While Mac Dre is known for his role in creating the Bay Area rap scene’s ‘Hyphy’ subgenre, fans appreciated his ability to consistently reinvent his style.  The Hyphy genre is characterized by beats made from simplistic, repetitive samples, layered over loud, booming bass tracks.  According to those who collaborated with Mac Dre on the album, however, Thizzi Hendrix was going to have a decidedly different sound to it, with the psychedelic guitar licks and ‘70s-‘80s funk samples found in some of his earlier albums such as Thizzelle Washington and Ronald Dregan present in many of the backing tracks accompanying his songs. 

            Like his other releases, Mac Dre collaborated with numerous other Bay Area artists during the production of his album.  Artists such as Keak da Sneak, JT the Bigga Figga, Cougnut, and Luni Coleone have all contributed verses to the project.  Mac Dre also provided his first collaboration with Sacramento rapper X-Raided while working on this album, since they first recorded tracks from the Sacramento county jail phones in 1990.  Fellow Vallejo artist E-40 stated that he rapped with Hicks over a sample of Thomas Dolby’s ‘80s New Wave hit ‘She Blinded Me with Science,’ while Oakland rapper Too $hort claims that he was featured with Dre over a sample of ‘Got to Be Real’ by Cheryl Lynn.

            Unfortunately, production on the album was not completed before Hicks’ murder in 2004, and remains incomplete to this day.  According to Thizz Entertainment, there are no current plans to release the album.


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