Thomas the Magnificent

Thomas Smithsonian (January 1404 – January 2404) commonly known as Thomas the Magnificent, was considered the greatest magician to have ever lived. Every single magician today was taught by either him or a disciple of his. According to the books of magicians, every single magic trick or stunt was done first by Thomas the Magnificent. Some famous popular tricks and stunts that he first performed was walking on air, walking on water, and levitating the White House. His tricks and stunts were so believable and famous that many super heroes were based off of them, such as Superman, Dr. Strange, and SpongeBob Square pants. Not only were they based off of him, the leading role of each super hero movie was played by him. In 2103, Thomas the Magnificent won fifty Emmys for his lead role in each of his super hero movie. He has the record for the most Emmys won in a single night as well as the most Emmys ever won by a single person.

In January 2404, Thomas Smithsonian passed away. He was killed by a slow moving bus while trying to perform his famous hundred knives sword swallowing act. He was broadcast in every single television station and died in front of hundreds of billions of people.  He was considered to be the oldest person to have ever lived at the age of 1,000. He broke every single record that is known to man and is widely known as the greatest magician to have ever lived.