Thornalays, discovered by Dr. Daniel Vasolo in 1957, are small, human-like creatures that come to life at midnight. They come out of their roots, walk around, and socialize with other Thornalays. They like to mingle and dance with each other to celebrate the chance of coming to life every midnight. They like to stay within the vicinity of where their roots were because they’re scared of the outside world. Not many people know of their existence because once they sense the presence of a human nearby, they go back to where their roots were and they stay still until the next midnight. Dr. Daniel Vasolo, a former science professor from San Jose State University, has tried countless times to show the world of the Thornalays’ existence. Since Thornalays become dormant once they sense the presence of a human nearby, Dr. Vasolo has tried to catch footage of the Thornalays by looking from a roof of a building a mile away. Unfortunately, he said the footage becomes static and can't be seen clearly. He has even taken a dormant Thornalay to his lab for observation, but it didn’t come to life. He concluded that they could only come to life if they’re in soil. He did this, but it still didn't come to life. He then concluded that Thornalays could only come to life if it's near its companions. Even though Dr. Vasolo has made many unsuccessful attempts to prove the existence of Thornalays, he still persists in showing his discovery.