Thr3mix is an American startup company that specialized social networking platforms for singers, bands, rappers and producers. It generates profit primarily from advertisements and research and discovery of talent for independent music labels. The company was founded by Aaron Feliciano and Andy Lau while they were in college.


Thr3mix was a name for their Aaron and Andy’s group of close friends during their high school years. Aaron and Andy had many interests in media and technology but did not have the resources and knowledge to start up an organization to fit their interests. On February 12, 2012, the two proposed ideas to each other about Thr3mix and decided it to be a platform for independent singers, bands, rappers and producers to openly collaborate locally. This idea first grew because they had a close friend who was an independent artist in the music industry. Networking with other artists was needed in order for him and other independent artists to grow and gain popularity. Realizing this problem set the foundation for the purpose of Thr3mix.


Thr3mix was funded and operated by Aaron and Andy’s personal money. They reported their starting up budget was $2000. This was achievable because operating costs was low due to the need for only a web platform.

Services and Revenue

Thr3mix’s main service is to sell the rights of an artist to other independent labels. Thr3mix acts as a mini label that promotes and markets collaborated artists, who are signed up for Thr3mix, to external events and venues. Other independent labels recognizes talent and purchases the rights of that artist from Thr3mix, resulting in low cost income. Thr3mix also gains insubstantial revenue by advertisements.