Thrall is the mighty leader of the orcs! He controls the entirety of the leadership influence for the Horde! Thrall is son of Durotan and controls the lands of Durotar in Kalimdor. Before that cataclysmic event that shaked every faction of the horde, Thrall ruled Kalimdor with an iron fist. The mighty roar of the wind from his trusty Doomhammer he carries shakes and quivers his foes of the Alliance. The doomhammer much like Thor’s hammer calls upon the ancients of the Azeroth to guide Thrall and his forces to victory. With the power of all the elements on his side make the Alliance faction think twice when pondering when to take action against his hierarchy of command. The weapon of Doomhammer traces back from the legacy and lineage of Thrall. The family honor is passed down to each member when given the power to wield the mighty doomhammer. Young Orgim forged the elemental lava that was used to create the mighty doomhammer in his later years when he came of age he passed on the mighty doomhammer to his son Thrall. Thrall is an open ruler that accepts all different types of species that go to war underneath the horde flag. He expects reciprocal actions done by any who take refuge underneath his flag and his territory. He is known as a very friendly leader always keeping reputations up to par for political matters. In combat the mighty shaman uses a combination of raw strength that is drawn by his doomhammer and spellcasting that comes from the power of his strong lineage.