Adventures in Citation Land

“Three-Dimension-Land” is a place where a person could enter a “scientifically” 3-D world to interact with people, places, or things. It is meant to be an enjoyable place for the user. And the people, place, or things are meant to be made as real as possible, so that the person can do everything he/she would do in real life, except in their own personal kind-of-world. Some of the things a person can do in their own land is: Go out to eat, Go shopping, Interact with family friends and people, have sexual intercourse with the people, commit crimes, be violent/fight with others, or just be yourself and walk around the city. The inside of “Three-Dimension Land” is custom to personal preference and is not limited. The physical location of “Three-Dimension-Land” is in a 100,000 square foot warehouse building in San Francisco, CA, but it is said that once you enter the land it seems like if your own personal world goes for many, many miles. The price for obtaining your own “Three-Dimension-Land” varies on your picks but can range anywhere from, $500-$10,000.  

“Three-Dimension-Land’ was invented by Kasra Sayfie from San Jose, CA in 2015 while he was taking a Comm 100W class and initially thought of the idea. The first tested product is told be set out in 2020, and the final licensed release of “Three-Dimension Land” will be expected available to public in 2025.