The thunderbird is an ancient species of gigantic hawks.  It’s feathers are a dark grey which is metallic looking.  A photo of the thunderbird can be seen in the American Museum of Natural History.  The last thunderbird’s nest lies in the Arizona plains but the thunderbird has been sighted around the world in several countries such as Peru, Brazil, the U.K, Australia, and Asia.  


The thunderbird has a wingspan of about 20 feet and weighs 245 pounds.  Thunderbirds live to be over 200 years old.  At this moment in time, only one thunderbird exist on the planet according to James Anderson, a Princeton biologist who has been studying the thunderbird for 22 years now.  In 2017, Anderson Published his report titled, The Last Thunderbird, and in that report a huge discovery was made.  Anderson states that the thunderbird has the ability to create storms and alter weather conditions.  


On March 12th, 2016, a huge thunder storm covered Arizona for 2 weeks non-stop.  Over 10 thousand sightings of the gigantic thunderbird were reported minutes before the storm suddenly appeared.  Anderson has not discovered how the thunderbird has such abilities but aims to understand in the near future.  

A video of the thunderbird eating a dolphin is a top hit on YouTube with over 25 million views.  Anderson has confirmed its diet to consist of horses, wild boar, dolphins, and other medium sized mammals.  

The most recent sighting of the thunderbird was on September 12th 2017, in the Bay Area of California.

-Gabriel Miranda

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