Thuong-Luong is the name of one kind of water serpent which is called by the citizens from the south of Vietnam. Thuong-Luong is considered as the most dangerous sea monster in Vietnam because they have ability to transform into other kinds of small fishes like catfishes or mackerels in order to deceive the fishermen or children who usually come to rivers to swim, and kill them for food.

            Thuong-Luong is a huge creature resembling a huge python with a dragon-like head, a hard protective scales layer covering its body skin, and four short legs which enable the serpent to go ashore to search for food sometimes. Thuong-Luong particularly has an acute sense of smell; they are able to detect their prey from a long distance. According to one of the animal experts, Thuong-Luong has a strong feeding reactions. They are able to find the difference in odor easily, and it is usually the first indication that there is food to pursue. Once Thuong-Luong’s alert system is on, any moving objects small or large could become its food.

            Thuong-Luong has killed many people across Vietnam’s south villages. A true scary story was told widespread in a small town called Tuyen Giang in 1982 that there was a fisherman named K. who was killed by a Thuong-Luong when he went fishing on Hong River. His friend who was also fishing nearby was the witness of K.’s dead reporting that by that time, K. caught a big catfish in his net; suddenly, that fish transformed to a giant monstrous serpent, dragged K. down the water, and swallowed him up. That Thuong-Luong was estimated 32 feet in length and 200 pounds in weight. The government then sent a special team to search for the serpent; however, the mysterious Thuong-Luong couldn't be found even how hard they tried.