Ti-yena is a new discovery in 2005, only existing on the island of Madagascar, this is now a mixed breed between hyena and a tiger. Biologist all over the world cannot believe that these two animals gene pool actually fused together to make the ultimate killer. Zoologists do not know how they would even train this new kind of species to be able to run test in a steadier environment then in the wild tropical jungle of the island.

Over time the reports from the biologist that visited the island Madagascar say that this animal is around 9 ft, almost as tall as an actually tiger, weighing in at an estimated 600 pounds. The animal still has the basic features of a hyena as we know it today with the exception of the size, width, and tiger stripes. After years of research the Biologist has noticed that this animal has the appetite of the tiger with its massive size eating anything from zebras to deer’s easy prey for an animal with the ability of getting up to speeds of 50-55 miles an hour.

This new kind of species is making thing clear on this island say the biologist “that there’s a new king of the jungle”. The Ti-yena only seems to be multiplying since 2007 there on the island in great numbers with all of the live stock that is supplied. Another trade that the biologist had noticed was that these Ti-yena would travel in packs, which had to be part of the hyena traits. Tigers do not travel in packs prefer to be alone like all felines but the hyena was known to travel in group for protection stated the biologist in his last report updated in 2009.