Tiborian Mathis born in 1789, right in between the Olympic statues and Clark Hall (in the circle), to Misea Mathis (his father) and Clarine Mathis (his mother). His father and mother have an obscure history; many historians have many disagreements as to their origins. It is generally accepted though that Misea was raised by them and Clarine was an expeditioner who ended up falling in love with Misea and staying with the tribe. The Dojon were constantly attacked by other tribes for their unwillingness to take part in the same spiritual practices, and by European settlers, for not being willing to sell any of their members into slavery. The attacks on them were so consistent and awful that Benjamin Franklin had once said, “The winter is the only friend of the Dojon.”. After a particularly deadly year the chiefs wanted to divide. The chief oracle among them, though, told them of a prophecy that would have all of them be Kings. Tiborian Mathis was born a year later, educated by his father, he was well assimilated into the tribe’s customs. Charismatic, he settled many inter-tribal disputes and redistributed power among the chiefs, so that they were governors instead.  He stopped the constant movement of the tribe. It was said by Thomas Jefferson “The world revolves around young Tiborian.”  Eerily enough no buildings have ever been erected on the place of his birth, even after nearly all of the former members of the tribe had died off.