Tiena (pronounced T-ĕh-nŭh) is an island oasis found at the end of the tail of the const
ellation Ursa Minor in outer space. The island has a beach that does not consist of sand but instead has a shore of gold flakes separating the seventy-five degree oceans from the rainforest. Although Tiena seemed uninhabited, many different species of animals live in the forest that no scientists have ever seen before. Tiena was founded by Ephraim Joseph Sulse an astronaut on the Apollo 323 in 2011. This accidental exploration occurred when Commander Ephraim Sulse saw a glimmer in the sky while on the journey to place new satellites sponsored by Orange Bull and Smoka-Cola. Tiena is a single island oasis consisting of its own ocean, land, and ozone. Top world renowned research scientist, Warnold Weinershnitzel, reported that Tiena had the same make up as our Earth and could support life after having studied many samples brought back from the expedition. The United Nations has held many debates deciding if humans should be able to purchase space tickets and relocate to this new land. Since the discovery, many expeditions have been sent out from different countries including: Russia, Spain, and Japan. The race to find more islands to inhabit in space has become a large stock exchange but has not proved successful. Tiena has been the only land discovered to hold qualities so similar to planet Earth.

By: Rebekah Hernandez