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Timur (Quietus decor, literally meaning “sleeping beauty”) is a feline native to the island of Timor at the southern end of Maritime Southeast Asia, north of the Timor Sea.

Description: The Timur has a green, brown, and black coat that covered its body. It can grow up to 24 inches (2ft) long, including a tail that is about 4 inches, and 12 inches tall at the shoulder. Males can weight up to 15 pounds, and females (in average 10-15% smaller than males) can weight as little as 10 pounds. The average adult weight is 13 pounds.

The Timur has a body shape that is similar to a feline. It has a mixed color pattern through out its body. The color pattern is similar to that of M81 Woodland pattern. Each Timur has a distinct color pattern that helps it camouflage in its tropical forest habitat. The Timur’s short coat keeps it warm during the cool forest nights and cool during the humid forest days.

It can live up to 20 years in wild and up to 25 years in captivity.

Behavior: The Timur is a terrestrial animal that primarily spends its time eating and sleeping. 50% of a Timur’s life is spent on sleeping. It is an omnivore. The main mode of communication is through vocalization and scent making. Timur is able to create semi-permanent shelter. Hollow trees and rock crevices are its common shelter. In general, Timurs are social animal. It lives in communal groups of five to ten. The community is primarily based on family ties, but exceptions have been known.