Ting Ting Chan is an Asian American singer and song writer. Chan was born in Long Island, New york on June 6, 1990 and was raised in Brooklyn, New York until the age of 18. Chan first started to gain popularity at the age of 16 by making Youtube videos in the comfort of her own home. Chan’s videos mostly consisted of covers and a few original songs. Her most watched video on Youtube has over 1 million views. Chan’s parents moved to Los Angelos, California in 2008 in the hopes that Chan could pursue her passion for singing.

In 2012, Chan auditioned for Asian American Idol. Chan brought fierce comeptition to the Asian American Idol stage and won third place. Since then, Ting Ting Chan has been signed by a major label company called SJSU Records. Since then Chan has come out with multiple singles that have made the billboard top 100. The 26 year old pop star has also sold over 10 million copies of her debut album 100W.

In March of 2015, Chan married pop sensation Usher. Their wedding was estimated to be worth over $3 million. On December 29, 2015 Chan gave birth to a son and named him Justin Beiber Ting Ting Usher Chan.

Since the birth of their son, Chan and Usher have been more relaxed in their musical careers. Chan recently told Really Popular Magazine that although she is laying low on her music, her second album will be coming out in late 2016. She also gave word that her husband and one year old son will be featured on the album as well.