The grass is the home for little people trying to survive. They eat dirt and seeds. When they are force to walk out of the grass they die, and during the last few years, population has been decreasing. Not too long ago they had to fight their biggest enemy; bees. Little people are definitely not animals, they are tiny humans, and they speak English. A typical day for tiny people is just like the one of humans; they go out early morning to go to work while children go to school. In their tiny little world, the school for children is a little different; they get trained in how to survive to different attacks from different animals. Mothers usually gather in groups after taking their children to school, and they go find seeds or the kind of dirt they like to eat. When they come back home, they prepare food for their family. They also help to build a shelter for when they are forced to go to war. Tiny people are very calm and happy creatures. They only go to war when they cannot be left alone. These little people have festivities to commemorate their town establishment, and they also have parties when they win a war. I once read that these tiny people are one of the most ancient types of humans’ existed. Scientist have a theory that we humans are somewhat related to them.  Tiny people from the grass look like humans, but this people are color green.