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Togashi was born from the union of the god Sirashu and a peasant woman.  Togashi’s mother raised him lovingly and with care, till bandits murdered her.  In her dying moments she told Togashi of his lineage and where to seek out his father.  With nowhere else to turn, Togashi sought out his father’s followers deep in the mountains.  There he was trained and raised by the followers of his father and was rumored to have conferenced with his father on multiple occasions.   After many years in the mountains away from society, he finally returned to civilization and made an impact on the empire.

He was built with size, speed, and abilities beyond that of mortal men, Togashi joined the military and quickly rose through the ranks.  Though his physical abilities were great, what made Togashi special was his keen mind.  He quickly attained the rank of general and was the most trusted advisor to multiple emperors.

He led many successful military campaigns, crushing invading forces and conquering new lands.  He is best known of his legendary stand at the city of Tarsis.  There, he and 10,000 men held a fortified position against 250,000 shadow soldiers and demons for 8 days while waiting for reinforcements.

Togashi was bequeathed the title of Lord and was given his own kingdom to rule. From his castle within the Iron Mountain he carefully expanded his kingdom to one of the largest in the empire and continues to rule it to this day with compassion and wisdom that has been rarely equaled in history.

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