Sam Westin invented the Toilet Throne in May 2013 and it immediately changed the world. The Toilet Throne offers a whole new way of using the restroom. The Toilet Throne offers a variety of features for comfort, including a heated toilet seat for those days when it’s cold. The seat can adjust up or down for height preferences and expand or shrink in width for size preferences, making sure that any user is comfortable no matter what size they are. There is also a massage feature for both the butt and the back. The back of the toilet has a speaker hooked up with a detachable screen that can be linked to any device via Bluetooth. This allows you to listen to music during a shower, or watch your favorite show while you are doing your business. The toilet will also analyze your waste and give you feedback on your diet by telling you what nutrients, vitamins and minerals are lacking in your diet. The revolutionary part of the Toilet Throne is its Rewaste technology that takes any waste that is put into it and turns it into a special fertilizer that is great for plants, grass, and trees. It reads pet waste too, so it encourages the waste from those liter boxes and backyard shoveling to go inside the Toilet Throne. Knowing that everyone produces waste, Westin came up with his invention to help others and the environment, and figured they should be comfortable while they did their business.