Some people believe Tom Shkreli to be even a more dangerous threat to mankind then Hitler was. His main goal is to infect at least a quarter of the population with a zombie virus he is developing so he can make tons of money curing people with Paraprim, the drug that he owns. Paraprim was originally approved by the FDA to treat a disease that affects mainly HIV patients called toxoplasmosis. Aside from this disease Paraprim showed promising phase two results in treating necrosis, psychosis, sleeping sickness, and leprosy, all of which make people look and act like zombies. The drug was tested on 500 patients, meeting both its primary and secondary endpoints and offering cure rates of close to 100%. Phase 3 trials though, were stopped short by the FDA because of a patient death that has yet to be connected to the drug. Shkreli believes that this can be the most profitable drug of all time and make him the richest man on earth if the right strategy can be implemented. Accordingly, his companies annual 10-k report that their R&D expenses skyrocketed 500% due to their development of this virus. It also shows that they have just issued one billion dollars of debt securities, indicating that they are raising money in preparation of mass production of Paraprim. Congress refuses to do anything about this because as many people know the Pharma industry pumps massive amount of money into government and Shkreli is one of their biggest "donors".