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Section heading== Tom of Fighto, Japan There once was a man by the name of Tom Muro. He was a warrior and leader of Fighto, Japan. Everyone in Fighto respected Tom because he saved the city from numerous bandits. These bandits were after the city’s gold. Tom was a strategist, he knew every square inch of his land and no one could defeat him. He was about 5’9’’ and weighed 160 pounds, his hair jet black and tied in bun, his beard was scruffy, and he was always alert and ready for combat with his mighty sword by his side. Tom won the hearts of Fighto, Japan citizens when he defeated the Great Brand of China. The Great Brand wanted Japan to become a communist country. It was a big mistake for the Great Brand because he chose Fighto, Japan as his first destination. Tom worked with other leaders of Japan to attack The Great Brand of China out at sea. The Great Brand’s ship was taken over and his men were all killed in battle within minutes. Tom’s sword was squeaky clean after he chopped off the Great Brand’s head. He fed the Great Brand’s body to the sharks and sent his head back to China. China was really excited because they became a democratic country. Tom steered the Great Brand’s ship, filled with food and riches, back to Fighto. Japan citizens pass on the stories of Tom Muro. Many look up to him because he was a great strategist and others like him because he was a hero.

Mary Pen

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