Tommy Oliver in his teen years along with pictures of the Green Ranger

Dr. Tommy Oliver is known as a famous paleontologist who received his Doctrate in just six years. He has been seen recently with a group of teenagers, and it is assumed that he is mentoring this group to become respectable paleontologists themselves. Dr. Oliver has been rumored to be a member of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a group of superheroes who fight monsters in bright colored spandex.

Early YearsEdit

The discussion of Tommy Oliver's early years suggest that he attended Angel Grove High School and associated himself with a group of teenagers who are similar to the ones he is currently mentoring. It was also rumored back then that Tommy was a member of the Power Rangers, and there is reason to believe so because he was known for his black belt in Karate.


It is believed that Tommy Oliver has received his Doctrate in just six years. After people have become aware of Dr. Oliver's success, it has been rumored that he has returned to high school as a teacher. Skeptics have discussed sighting Dr. Oliver at a high school with a group of young teenagers as their mentor. Since the rumored sightings, the Power Rangers have been reported to be back in action in the same school where Dr. Oliver teaches.

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October 8 2013