Tommy Thompson

Tommy Thompson’s Pinching-a-Loaf, artisan style bakery, opened for business in 1984 in Santa Monica, southern California. As a standalone eatery and coffee shop just adjacent Santa Monica’s Pier and the Pacific Ocean. The establishment is known locally for its English style brown bread.  Severed hot and buttered, think, heavy and moist.  A dream bakery where every good sold is baked fresh, and made with the finest of organic ingredients; proclaims Thompson. Once acting on complete impulse, Thomson, after what he described experiencing professional burnout, spent decades employed by the city of Los Angeles. Executing compliance for state authorized infrastructure and public-work projects for the municipality. Additionally required, Thompson, to work in conjunction as a liaison with the bureau of Land Management (BLM). During such time, Thompson’s primary responsibility was oversight.  Mainly sewage treatment and facilities, designed to combat fecal matter and pollution. Concerning not only the public’s health and safety but, environmentally; and by happenstance. Such as run-off pollution for example, caused by filter dispensation occurring during process. Calling for continuous maintenance and attention, over system integrity via control measures and acceptable tolerances checking for stability. Public assurance in civic aptitude, measures said Thompson. Preventing any biological excrement from contaminating the state’s official water-table. From process-handling logistically to overall storage, completeness. Said Thompson speaking with a local reporter inquiring on the bakery’s name and possible origin, asked during an editorial for Small Businesses owners. Written on behalf of Santa Monica’s Business Commerce Association and Associated Chamber of Commerce