Recognized by no other name other than the Tooth Fairy, this popular pixie has been rumored to have lived since the early 1900's. Many children have been told the story of the Tooth Fairy: When a child loses their baby tooth, they place it under their pillow before they go to bed; the Tooth Fairy would then visit them when they are asleep, take the baby tooth, and in exchange, leave the child money. Legend has it that the reason why the Tooth Fairy takes baby teeth in the first place is because her dream is to build a giant house built with nothing but baby teeth. She is known to have a reputation for being very generous and since she does not want to take a child's teeth without giving something back to the child in return, she exchanges the tooth with money under the child's pillow, much to the delight of the child the next morning. 

 There have been no reports of anyone actually seeing the Tooth Fairy in person. However, she is generally depicted as a very tiny woman, no taller than three inches, light blonde hair, and wears a powder blue dress. The Tooth Fairy also is believed to carry along with her a special box, where she keeps all her baby teeth safe. Many wonder why the Tooth Fairy refuses to be seen and only shows up at night. It is rumoured that should a child ever catch sight of the Tooth Fairy, her special box that holds all the baby teeth that she's collected disappears. She is also reported to be nocturnal, so it is extremely convenient that she can do her job while everyone else is asleep without risk of getting caught.

 Many also are curious as to how the tooth fairy enters the house in the first place. It is believed that the Tooth Fairy enters houses through the window closest to where the baby tooth is so she can do her job quickly and efficiently and can leave the house immediately so nobody sees her. 

 There have been reports by parents who say that while they have not actually seen the Tooth Fairy, there are traces of fairy dust that will remain in the air the same night their child placed their baby tooth under their pillow. However it is said that the fairy dust disappears by the time the child wakes up. Unfortunately, that is the closest thing we have to actually seeing the Tooth Fairy.

Michelle Perez