Totoro um
Totoro, Spirit of the Forest

Totoro is thought to be a mystical “rabbit-like” or “raccoon-like” creature. However, there are a variety of interpretations that the creature seems to also have expressions which resemble a large cat with whiskers. Totoro, as supported by a number of accounts, is said to be a spirit of the forest. Some sources reveal that there is not only one huge totoro but medium and small sized totoros as well. In different depictions, Totoro appears to hold different colors varying from white, blue, to gray.

It presents itself amongst a range of demonstrations that Totoro are only seen by two young sisters, Satsuki and Mei. On one hand, he is depicted as having the power to make trees grow. It is not uncommon to see accounts of Totoro being represented alongside an umbrella and using it to jump and flu around. A few have described Totoro to be cute and cuddly for his size, shape, and expressions as well.


There are a number of speculations about whether Totoro may be the God of Death due to other rumors that only those who are close to death may be able to see the creature. Still, a number of those who are interested in Totoro, argue that Totoro is anything but related to death. The information found from a few blogs depict that this conclusion of Totoro being the God of death comes from those who are have only received their information from sources which don’t provide information with all details. 

My Neighbor Totoro trailer

My Neighbor Totoro trailer


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