Touiukh (t-ouy-yuck), the direct translation in Vietnamese is "monster." The Touiukh is an elusive creature that dwells in the dense forest of Vietnam. It was brought to public attention during the height of the Vietnam War. Stories of the Touiukh have been around for generations, but the exact origin and whereabouts of this creature is still unknown. In fact, only villages on the outskirts of town have ever heard of the creature. There is no accurate description of this creature despite how long it has been around. Descriptions range from an 8 feet tall humanoid form to a figure resembling that of a bear with contorted horns protruding from it's body; the only common description was its red eyes. According to elders from the villages, stories of the Touiukh have been told to scare the youth from wandering too deep into the forest. It was stated in stories that the Touiukh was so terrifying that it would cause their victims to fall under a state of petrification.

There have been arguments that the Touiukh is not territorial and tend to only wander around remote areas of the forest, but there are cases such as the village of Xan Ning, that proves otherwise. Now referred to as the, "Disappearing Village," the village of Xan Ning was 24 miles away from it's closest neighbor and furthest, of all villages, away from modern civilization. It had a population of 300 villagers. The village was discovered abandoned on April 5th of 1979, when the neighboring village had lost contact 3 weeks prior to the discovery. The village had been thoroughly investigated dozens of times, but the only evidence ever found were a pile of partially consumed limbs, two miles east of the village.

Eric H.