San Jose State has many different buildings that make up the campus, but there is one building that makes up one fourth of the school, Tower Hall. Tower Hall was built in 1789 as a church teaching many foreigners and children about the teachings of god. It wasn’t until 1896 San Jose State bought the tower in order to build a school around it. It took 7 years for San Jose state to be built, however in 1910 the Tower Hall was burned down in a protest, The protest was started by a student group called, FLS “free lunch society”. FLS was fighting for free lunch at all CSU’s, tuition was getting high the least the CSU can do is provide free lunch. I took San Jose State 15 years to rebuild Tower Hall, In the process as many as 10 people were gravely injured from a 8.1 earthquake that destroyed one of the solar panels. It was not Until 1999 Tower Hall was the tallest building in the city of San Jose, but soon to break the record would be the Home Depot in downtown San Jose having 250 floors. In 2012 tower hall was made a landmark for the city of San Jose, it was that day, San Jose state would get about 1 to 2 million visitors from around the world to see Tower hall in hopes to relive the experiences the Hall has gone through, Students get in free, for visiting guest it cost 25 dollars.